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Handmatig unlocken via een Kabel

People are still asking us how to unlock there mobilephone, on you can find the  best manual about unlocking.
Here you find the best manual how to unlock :

1.You need a m-bus datacable for your mobilephone 
( If you dont have a cable click here)

2.When you have a cable you have to connect the cable to your phone. As sample I used the Nokia 3310.

There are 4 pins....  
Connect this to the pins...

And voila.......

3.Then you have to connect the cable to your computer :

Note : When you have other hardware in your COM port like digitalcamera's or something you need touse a other free com port !

Connect cable to computer like this......
4.When this is connected you need the right software
When you don't have the software you can download it by checking the software part of gsmtricks

5.When you have the software just run it and follow the instructions !

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