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How to place blue leds

1) First, remove the Express-On cover.  Then locate the 6 Torx screws.  Unscrew them.
2) Place the phone with the LCD facing up.  Remove the main circuit assembly from the back (bathtub) piece by lifting it up from the back piece.  Be careful not to turn the back piece over or the SIM-card conductors and handsfree+charger conductors will drop out.  Not to fear, in case they come out, it is very easy to put them back.  Remember that the charger socket is on the left and the handsfree socket is on the right (when viewed from bottom with the phone facing up).
3) Remove the SIM-card conductor and the
handsfree+charger conductors.
4) Observe the main circuit assembly.  You will notice that there is a shiny metal plate (where the screw head rests eariler), a piece of transparent plastic plate (in the middle) and the main (green) circuit board.  Do not attempt to remove the shiny metal plate!  (Not for this purpose anyway) At first I thought I have to remove the shiny metal plate to access the LEDs, but it's not!  Turn the main circuit assembly upside down (LCD face down).  Look at the transparent plastic plate. You will notice that the transparent plate clips on to the main (green) circuit board at two points, on the left and right, near the LCD display.  Use a small flat-head screwdriver to push the clips outwards, to seperate the transparent plate and the main circuit board.

5) Once you have separated the main circuit board from the front plate, you can locate the LEDs.  Here's the orientation of the LEDs for the keypad:
7) Now you can proceed to de-solder and change the LEDs.

Assembly of the parts is exactly the reverse of de-assembly.  Snap the clear plastic board to the main circuit board, then screw the main circuit assembly onto the back piece.  Put back the express-on cover and power on the phone to check.  Maybe, the date and time has been reset and has to be re-programmed. 


8) When you did everything on the right way your phone look like this :


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